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My name is Gunilla Söder. I was born up here. My dream was to study art. The life took another way, so I became teacher for children with special needs. I went away and lived for 32 years in Bohuslän (the west coast). Then I returned. I took the big chance and I can tell you, I’m lucky. I’m home! The roots are not important, but the trees and its network is.

Up here in the north we live side by side with the nature. With the eight seasons. Winter, spring-winter, spring, spring-summer, summer, autumn-summer, autumn and autumn-winter. It would take me a year to describe them. So I choose two of them. Summer and winter.


One of Gunilla Söder’s sculptures ©, carved out of fresh apples and then left to age, the result being the face of an old woman, aging before us.

The winter is
Long, cold, snow, storms. Sometimes there is only 4 hours of sunlight a day. And you think: Darkness! But it’s a misunderstanding. The dark is light.

You see.
We have all the stars, the moon and the aurora borealis (northern lights) that lights the ice on the seas and the top of the mountains by reflections.

We take it easy at winter. Everything goes slowly. Half speed. The colors change into white and silver. All the shadows are blue.

The summer is
The midnight sun that never sets.
We do not need to sleep.
We take care of every minute, throughout the 24 hour day.
We gather vitamin D and we kill mosquitos!
That’s the external assumption for living.

The inner assumption claims an obstinate soul and mind.
You have to be your own best friend.
Trust yourself.
And have a lot of motives to realise, irrespective of weather and wind. Using the brain. Writing! Reading! Painting! Learning! Creating!

My concept:
A big house.
A lot of rooms.
47 doors.
Close to the mountains.
Far from stress, time hunting and mobile signals.
Silence! Far from civilization.
You can hear your own words whisper in your head.
Liberty of thoughts.
All of that, I wanted to share with others.

The Author Centre in Umeå helped me and selected my house as a writing and scholarship house. It means that writers can stay for one week for free. If longer, they have to pay. They can choose between renting in the house and writing in the cottage.

And it works!

Thank you for listening and welcome to my home and house.

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